Tyson Farm Craft - Ghost Train Haze AAAA
Tyson Farm Craft - Ghost Train Haze AAAA
Tyson Farm Craft - Ghost Train Haze AAAA
Tyson Farm Craft - Park Fire OG AAAA
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Tyson Farm Craft – Park Fire OG AAAA



Batch: September-22-2021


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Park Fire OG is the AAAA love child between two already legendary strains. By combining OG Kush with SFG OG, a star was born. Park Fire OG burns incredibly bright and delivers a high that’s blazing hot. For starters, Park Fire OG’s appearance alone evokes feelings of warmth and fire. The buds themselves are chunky and dense with forest-green leaves and a splattering of purple. On the surface, you’ll see fiery red pistils poking out from beneath the surface. Finally, a thick layer of silver-coloured kief envelops the bud giving this firey bud a regal and supreme look worthy of an AAAA strain.

Secondly, we’ll talk about this strain’s flavours and aromas. While the appearance might make you anticipate flavours of spicy cinnamon, this strain actually has a sweet and skunky flavour.

On the nose, you’ll smell a sweet, citrusy flavour that comes close to that of sour candy. Break open a few nugs and the scent of skunky gas and pungent earth will tickle and surprise your nose. This dank oozes with bag appeal and its sweet yet gassy aroma is just the tip of the iceberg!

Thirdly, we’ll be moving onto the flavour. Tokers can expect more of that limonene-powered tang as well as pungent gas. Lovers of Sour Diesel and Super Lemon Haze will find many similarities between the two.

Finally, we’ll cover the effects. If you’re smoking this strain, you better be ready because Park Fire OG pulls no punches. A hard-hitting hybrid going off of genetics alone, this strain’s effects are further boosted by its THC rating. With an average THC content of 30-35%, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a strain this anywhere else!

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2 reviews for Tyson Farm Craft – Park Fire OG AAAA

  1. Romany Hahn

    Be aware, REALLY strong. Nice looking nugs! Great smell and smokes smooth. Works well when mixed or on its own. Won’t buy from anywhere else.

  2. Sean Lister

    Good buds and well cured as usual. I like the taste and gave a good consistent high. Relaxing.

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