Tyson Farm - Tom Ford Popcorn AAAA
Tyson Farm - Tom Ford Popcorn AAAA
Tyson Farm - Tom Ford Popcorn AAAA
Tyson Farm - Tom Ford Popcorn AAAA
(9 customer reviews)

Tyson Farm – Tom Ford Popcorn AAAA


purple kush shatter

Batch: October-04-2021

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Tom Ford is often known by its much more intimidating name – Tom Ford Pink Death. It’s is an exotic AAAA+ strain of legendary status within cannabis communities. This pure Indica strain is the cannabis-related epitome of what luxury truly represents. This highly-coveted strain & extremely rare strain is a Canadian legend that was originally conceived by crossing Pink Kush & Death Bubba, 2 powerful Indica strains with Canadian origins. Tom Ford is one of the most potent Indica strains available and it is ideal for connoisseurs seeking a true, deep Indica high.

Tom Ford is definitely no ordinary strain. This strong Indica is known for its impressive THC concentrations & relaxing effects. As a cross of both Pink Kush & Death Bubbas, it should be expected that Tom Ford is heavily-intoxicating, and that is indeed true. With THC concentrations reaching as high as 28%, this strain is best recommended for users with higher tolerances, or for night-time usage. The high of Tom Ford is almost instantaneously felt, beginning with a surge of euphoria that lingers as it transitions into a full-on Indica high that is represented by an almost debilitating body-high that will leave users couch-locked. Try to prepare for this strain by stock-piling on munchies or snacks, as the effects of this strain also include an insatiable case of increased appetite.

For a strain named after one of the worlds’ recognized names in the fashion industry, it is absolutely expected that this strain has the looks to match such a comparison. This strain very closely resembles its Pink Kush and Death Bubba predecessors both visually and smell-wise. Like typical Indica strains, Tom Ford’s buds are shorter, bushier and cone-like in shape, and range from medium-large in size. These lush forest-green buds are exceptionally dense in nature and contain little-to-none pistils or what are more commonly known as orange hairs. You will be surprised by the amount of THC trichomes that are visible to the naked eye. The entirety of these buds is covered in thick, fluorescent trichome heads that almost glow & have a wonderfully adhesive or resinous nature. Wreaking of pine and gas or diesel, Tom Ford can be recognized almost literally from a mile away. The taste of Tom Ford by Designer Meds is known to be earthy, skunky, diesel-like with a slight subtle hint of lemon & candy or perfume-like sweetness.

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9 reviews for Tyson Farm – Tom Ford Popcorn AAAA

  1. Anonymous J.

    Cannabis Canadian here, dropping a line to say I really enjoy this smoke as a de-stresser. I would highly recomend this one for many people with depression problems, it’s quite happily potent! Right on

  2. Jason

    Want to know if they truly sale good bud and no they don’t i highly don’t recommend this site , they just hustling straight up I know good weed when I see it and this sir ain’t it

  3. Jason

    Wow this stuff is good I hope this goes up I was skeptic on this stuff at first but it’s pretty pontent cheers

  4. Cam

    I always buy Tom Ford strains and i’m never disappointed. Good, potent stuff right here

  5. McLemore

    Very good strain and the best thing about it is, its extremely focusing I mean i havent been this focused since ever. FYI: i posted this review when i was high on this strain

  6. Carlos

    this had me out of commission the first time i smoked it for about 20 minutes… after that i was ready to go. very strong and very good.

  7. FurkanAgent

    a great weed. My favorite now, it was still a good high. very relaxing with no couch melt.

  8. Elena Brady

    I really love this strain mainly because it doesn’t give me the munchies. It gave me mild relaxation while still allowing enough focus and mental clarity to continue daily activities and work.

  9. Herman Connelly

    Nice scent right out the bag, plenty of terpenes evident upon grinding it. Tightly packed, well trimmed buds with hints of purple. Strong, potent high and worth the price. I would order again for sure!

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