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Tesla Hash is a premium imported hash originating from Afghanistan, where the cultivation of hashish has become a cultural norm and time-honoured tradition. The finest quality hash comes from the Northern provinces of Afghanistan, in the harsh mountainous regions. Although the devastating nature of the uninhabitable mountain regions may seem almost un-survivable, they are home to many indica landrace strains. These special cannabis strains develop many traits that allow them to survive the harshness of Afghanistan’s mountains, such as increased trichome production, making these specific strains very coveted for hash production. Tesla Hash is one of the many regional variants of hash available, differentiating itself from the others with its’ impressive THC concentration that ranges around 40-50%, providing users with a powerful buzz that is both euphoric and relaxing. Tesla Hash is imbued with the earthy, spicy and pine-like notes of the indica landrace strains Afghanistan has to offer. The smoke is smooth, mild and reminiscent of old-school hash with its’ relaxing body high and sedating nature.

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7 reviews for Tesla Hash

  1. Peter Davidson

    Another great hash from these guys. I love this one for daytime. Id say a good thinkers hash and get things done hash and an all around a solid making and one of my favourites!

  2. Arjun Leigh

    I enjoyed this very much, tastes like old school hash from back in the day! Instant mental stress relief!

  3. Reiss Coombes

    Amazing Hash, really brings back to the good old hash days. Soft, smells amazing, high is great! Will order again! Highly recommend and fast delivery

  4. Keenan Francis

    I cant stop buying this one, just a perfect crumble into my joint. Tasyes great and just the smell of burning hash has so many memorys

  5. Tessa Shields

    Taste Pretty Good burn clean in a joint or blunt and the smoke is just smooth hold together well as its sticky i love the texture of this kind of stuff. For the Price i didn’t Expect The Cream of the Crop But Im Really impress

  6. Jevan Lozano

    Very, very impressed!!!!! I grew up with the hash from the 80’s…..and the way this hash burns, smells, tastes, and gets you stoned brings me right back to those great times!!!!

  7. FryGarason

    le meilleur hash que jai fumer depuis longtemps et le meilleur du site selon moi!! jai meme hate quil en est dautre!! jai hate de pouvoir en recommander!! je le conseil!

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