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Arjan then bred that by-product with the more popular Lemon Skunk – a strain that made its way from Las Vegas to Amsterdam by way of a breeder named The Lemon Man – to get the Super Lemon Haze you see today in dispensaries throughout the West Coast.

The genetics of Super Lemon Haze combine sweet and tart, lemony tastes (partially due to the terpene Limonene) and aromas that make for a mellow high that begins in the body but quickly flows to the mind. The THC count of this strain can reach as high as 25 percent, which can lead to paranoia and anxiety when consumed in larger quantities by novice smokers.

Energetic and social, this hybrid can be great daytime medication for eliminating fatigue, anxiety and stress. The mood elevating properties of Super Lemon Haze may also help regulate mood disorders, such as chronic depression, PTSD and/or anxiety. This strain may help patients dealing with minor pains, nausea and appetite loss. It may also help patients over come ADD/ADHD and migraines.

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1 review for Super Lemon Haze – $129 Ounce Deal

  1. Clothilde Collin Gendron

    This strain is so good! Lots of beautiful buds! You definitely buy again

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