Purple Butter AAAA
Purple Butter AAAA
Purple Butter AAAA
Purple Butter AAAA
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Purple Butter AAAA


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This indica strain (exact sativa/indica ratio unknown) is known to deliver a very potent body high perfect for late nights and rainy days. It also spurs a powerful case of the munchies, making Purple Butter an ideal choice for patients with eating disorders or wasting conditions. It’s also recommended for treatment of headaches and chronic pain. The effects are almost entirely physical and deeply sedating, so this strain shouldn’t be used on busy days or when mental focus is needed. It’s hard to discern how much THC this strain contains, as tests aren’t widely reported. The same is true of CBD, and that alone suggests Purple Butter shouldn’t be used as the only treatment for CBD-friendly diseases, such as epilepsy. There are no reliable public reports on the side effects patients may experience when using this strain, but most other strains produce dry eyes and dry mouth. Purple Butter has a distinct berry flavor, with smooth grape notes; the aroma is similar but with additional hints of Skunk. This strain sells in San Diego but appears to be very rare almost everywhere else.

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3 reviews for Purple Butter AAAA

  1. Grey

    One of my favourite strains. I really like this old school weed. Great Indica/Sativa mix with effects on both sides. I can recommend this strain for day and night

  2. Chicker

    This strain made me very talkative and very aware about whats going on. Made me very creative, hence y im writing this review

  3. Finbar Russell

    You just got to love the colour of this bud. It’s smooth like butter. Nice all round product is definitely good for you, recommended.

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