Sugar Live Resin

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Reviews (8)

8 reviews for Sugar Live Resin

  1. Jeremy Hunter

    This smells and taste so amazing. Great dab. I love it. Will buy more soon.

  2. Terry Ronald


  3. Susan Bonnette

    Such a good flavour, very potent and we spread them in our joints to enhance the high.

  4. Sam

    Will contiue to order for this and my wax, my wife is a long term patient thanks

  5. Dillan Nakashima

    Very potent and pure, great for what I need it for.

  6. Tyler Michaels

    just like other reviews said, this resin is really potent and has a very pleasant flavour. 10/10 recommend!

  7. SrDabsley

    Very sweet aroma and amazing melt shots this dabs amazinf and gets me baked everytime

  8. dolce

    A word can describe this product VERRY GOOD!

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