Budget Buds - Pine Tar Kush
Budget Buds - Pine Tar Kush
Budget Buds - Pine Tar Kush
Budget Buds - Pine Tar Kush
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Budget Buds – Pine Tar Kush


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Batch: October-08-2021


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Clocking in at a fairly moderate potency average of 20%, this strain is ideal for users of all experience levels. Nugs are quite the sight to behold with small and round silhouettes that are covered in golden trichomes and tons of sticky resin. As one would guess by the name, this bud brings an almost overwhelming amount of pine flavor and aroma to your life, however it is offset with a bit of skunk and citrus just to brighten things up. If you’re into sweeter or fruity strains, this gal isn’t for you.

As you’d imagine, a pure indica strain will bring some dazzling effects during her high. Initially, a feeling of elation will overtake you along with a bit of mental focus that can help when completing some last minute tasks for the day. Before long, however, a buzzing in the back of the head will slowly work its way down your neck and into every one of your limbs, bringing you to a place of total relaxation with just a bit of the giggles. Sleep will come soon, but before laying down for the night, make sure to grab a handful of snacks and satiate those cravings.

Not surprisingly, Pine Tar Kush is ideal for a range of medical issues with nausea and a lack of appetite being her claim to fame. Mental concerns are also easily quelled due to her joyful disposition, so dealing with stress and depression at the end of a long day has never been easier. Generalized pain including cramps, headaches, and muscle issues also tend to fall by the wayside after a few tokes of this strong strain.

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28 Grams, 8 Ounces

5 reviews for Budget Buds – Pine Tar Kush

  1. Eve Wallace

    It’s an incredible and complex buzz, with euphoric head-high, completely relaxed feeling physically. Speedy delivery too.

  2. Gerald Wiggins

    Very effective sleep aid. The low THC helps keep my mind at ease allowing me to drift off. It greatly reduces symptoms from chronic low back pain. I can get a full 8 hours of sleep now.

  3. Safaa Cisneros

    My hip stopped hurting, the tightness in my cervical column has led so much and I’m still moving around. Very very good,the residuals were just a content feeling of being.

  4. Delia Richard

    This is a banger like old school dank love this strain sticky stinky and beautiful will be ordering again 10/10

  5. Laila Aguirre

    Cheap price, beautiful, good and excellent flavor

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