Budget Buds - Northern Berry AAA
Budget Buds - Northern Berry AAA
Budget Buds - Northern Berry AAA
Budget Buds - Northern Berry AAA
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Budget Buds – Northern Berry AAAA


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Batch: July-30-2021


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Even if you’ve been smoking cannabis for decades, we dare you to withstand the super relaxing effects of Northerberry. Users may not fall asleep right away, as a hit of euphoric energy does tend to start things off, but ultimately it’s incredibly difficult to resist curling up in bed for the night. A positive mindset is plentiful here, and while you’ll want to spend time hanging out with friends, her strong tingles and sedating nature will lead you to sleep in no time at all.

Those who deal with medical issues day in and day out sometimes simply feel weary from it all and want a way to end the day on a good note. Northernberry provides them with this opportunity as the number one issue she treats is insomnia. As you begin to fade into a deep slumber, instances of pain, inflammation, and muscle spasms will dissolve, allowing both your mind and body to actually relax. While this strain is good for treating mental issues as well, most people won’t even stay awake long enough to enjoy their happy mood.

Home cultivators who want to grow their own cannabis without having to put much work into it will love Northernberry as she’s great in both indoor and outdoor settings. This bud doesn’t really require much aside from regular care and only takes between 8 and 9 weeks to fully mature. Yields aren’t incredibly large, but what do you expect from a plant that you don’t have to try very hard with?

It bears repeating because it’s so true here – Nothernberry is for experienced users only. Newbies who want to try their hand with this bud will no doubt fall asleep incredibly quickly and may experience some adverse effects as well, so please, heed our warning. Those who have been around the block a few times will likely always have some of this bud on hand to help end some less than stellar days on a positive note.

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5 reviews for Budget Buds – Northern Berry AAAA

  1. Jax Mccartney

    Definitely a strong strain. New users and lightweights beware of this one. An overall good feeling of warmth, tingly, smiley, giggles. I had some questions and i got great customer service.

  2. Winifred Clay

    Finally, my new favorite strain! It’s been a long time since I’ve felt a full body relaxing wave and not too strong either. Very calming, and balanced strain. It’s smell is amazing and taste!

  3. Tayyibah Sandoval

    Strong strong strong strain. Monstrous dense buds that are also great for pain and puts you to sleep great strain

  4. Wallace Jaramillo

    First timers be careful on this one, it will creep up on you and then boom!!!! But you will eventualy you will love it. Oh yeah, if you have insomnia this strain is better then any sleeping pill. Enjoy but be careful!

  5. Asapyosh

    awesome bud!!!!

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