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Mystery Weed – 1 Ounce


Cant decide what strain to buy?  Let us choose for you!

Contains 28 grams of one randomly selected strain


Earn up to 340 Points.

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Ounce, Quarter Pound

13 reviews for Mystery Weed – 1 Ounce

  1. Todd

    whoaaaaa wasnt expecting this! got a solid trips thanks bmb! diamond og!!!

  2. David Dang

    Wow bought 1 and got a killer strain!!! Just ordered 5 more!!!!!

  3. Aaron Cardinal

    tuna kush!…big ass oz, flavor and smell is something else lol, fishy pine cone, small to medium fluffy nugs, will get the job done, im fuckin stoned boys! evening time type of relaxation!

  4. lbrady

    Super Happy, was amazing, wha ta deal!!
    Tuna Kush

  5. Lisa-Marie

    So I ordered 2 this time of the Mystery, talk about excited – what we really wanted was Gorilla Glue – is super amazing for nausea from chemo – but not available from the OZ deals
    Well, didn’t we get Gorilla Glue!!! At an amazing price, I feel like we won the lottery!!!!

  6. Asapyosh

    Nice small bus very happé for mistery weed !!+

  7. Naomi_indelicato

    Holy crap. High tolerance user- told them I wanted a higher THC content and they did NOT disappoint!!! I couldn’t even smoke 2 full bowls or I would end up just staring at the wall for an hour LOL

  8. Bob

    Orderd 2 got two great strains one nice fluffy couch locker and other tiny buds and sweet smelling amazing high
    Defnitly ordering more

  9. Paul

    I found this by luck. How do you people know what strains you got? Package only said mystery weed. I even messaged them to ask name of strains so I know what to reorder, but they could not tell me. Both ozs were great, looking for that deal again

  10. Joi Huggard

    Mystery bud was a fun option. Just wish when it arrived it was labeled with the strain so you knew what you got !

  11. StelarDag

    ..the last one i got was just called mystery strain…still good though…so true

  12. TGRU

    I must have to say my bag of Black Gas is a wonderful mixed bag of very nice indica, although the label was wrong. . My Bag of UBC chemotherapy is a very low grade hemp bud although it was labeled as Indica it had no effect at all The Slurricane bag was very nice except the product was not as it looked in the photo. It wasn’t purple at all. It was green. Only the black gas was any help. It is a very nice strain. Thank you Jason Graham.

  13. Corey

    Love. The buds always on point

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