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Buds of Jet Fuel are marked by medium-sized flowers that taper down into almost conical shapes. The bud structure is more sativa than indica, with relatively light and fluffy leaves that tear away easy from central stems. The leaves themselves are an earthy brownish-green, while the pistils range from orange to rarely-seen shades of maroon and red. When properly cured, flowers of Jet Fuel are covered in trichomes and leave behind a sticky resin when handled. This strain’s name doesn’t only account for its energetic nature, it’s also a reference to the sweet tang of gasoline that wafts from the flowers. Like parent strain High Country Diesel, Jet Fuel packs a fuel-like chemical punch. Grinding or burning the sticky flowers gives off a whiff of pine as well, calling to mind Jet Fuel’s OG Kush lineage. As with many other sativas, the smoke generated by this strain is smooth, although the skunky diesel aftertaste may leave many smokers reaching for a glass of water. This pungent flower may not be the best choice for those looking to keep their consumption discreet.

Uncharacteristically for a sativa, Jet Fuel may take a few minutes before it blasts off, giving users a surge of energy and euphoria. Some initial physical effects can be detected as a pressure around the eyes and temples, but this strain otherwise lives entirely in the head. If waking and baking, consumers may feel endured with the energy needed to plow through a busy day. In more relaxed setting, Jet Fuel can bring about a stimulating creative environment — the constant sense of associative thinking can be a great asset to brainstorming, visualization, or just free-flowing conversation. Jet Fuel is definitely not a strain to enjoy before bed time, even for those with a high tolerance for THC.

Medically speaking, Jet Fuel can have psychological benefits for patients. The acute sharpening of the senses can be a big asset in helping users live more fully “in the now” if they’re burdened by symptoms of stress and anxiety. This strain’s cerebral focus can also aid those with attention deficit disorders. Because of its potency and its tendency to induce recursive, obsessive thinking, Jet Fuel is not recommended for patients or recreational users who are prone to anxiety or paranoia.

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3 reviews for Jet Fuel (AAA) – Budget Buds

  1. Randall Santana

    This strain is potent in smell with buds that are beautiful and light up like a chandelier when the light hits it. The correct amount will leave you laughing and enjoying yourself, but be aware it will make you sleepy if you consume too much of it. This is one of my top giggly strain i’ve had.

  2. Wilson Scott

    The perfect strain! A very smooth smoke that brings a heavy body buzz that seems to last forever. Even though you get that heavy indica buzz you are still able to focus. Great strain to smoke and relax after work or vegetate out in front of the tv watching football or your Netflix show.

  3. Arturo F

    Definitely an evening affair mostly due to a slow creeping body melt. The mind still working fine but body not following suit. Keep them coming boys!!

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