Budget Buds - Forbidden Fruit
Budget Buds - Forbidden Fruit
Budget Buds - Forbidden Fruit
Budget Buds - Forbidden Fruit
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Budget Buds – Forbidden Fruit


Batch: August-02-2021

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The THC levels in this indica-dominant strain are regularly reaching heights of 26% or more, giving users a powerful high that begins in your head, but rounds out with you completely couch locked and/or asleep. As its parentage would suggest, this is a flavorful bud packed with bright cherry sweetness, tropical fruitiness, citrus and pine tones, and a smooth musky aftertaste. The aromas of pine, lemon, and cherry complement the rich coloring of this forest green rocky nugget. To round out the aesthetic these buds are covered in bright green trichomes, sticky resin, and a thin spattering of orange hairs.

If Forbidden Fruit’s flavor profile didn’t get you, the high certainly will. This smooth burning bud offers users a break from coughing fits and induces an immediately chill mind, great for unwinding at the end of the day. This nightcap strain builds through the head and neck, making its way to the rest of your body with an almost tranquilizer-like relaxation and will almost instantly give you that sleepy feeling. Though it won’t completely knock you out right away, this strain is euphoric and uplifting but definitely aims to give you a great night of sleep.

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4 reviews for Budget Buds – Forbidden Fruit

  1. Yazmin Ashley

    Give a very strong high.. packed with extreme terpenes very dark purple colour with orange hairs. Definitely made for heavy hitters no rookies first try very exotic

  2. Bonita Mcarthur

    This is a great strain to have in your rotation, great bud and smell, flavour is on point 9/10

  3. Max Winters

    I have to admit I was highly impressed with the look of this hemp flower it’s definitely an A++ in that department. The buds were covered in crystals with light fluffy buds

  4. stephan therrien

    looking for a good cherry flavor u got it with that stuff. nice buds and good buzz for the price

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