(Sugar Baby) Thin Mint Cookies (AAA+)
(Sugar Baby) Thin Mint Cookies (AAA+)
(Sugar Baby) Thin Mint Cookies (AAA+)
(4 customer reviews)

Do Si Do AAA


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Buds of Do-Si-Dos are typically small in size and adhere in small, popcorn-like clusters. Like many predominantly indica varieties, the flowers have a dense structure, with the small leaves curling tightly inward toward their central stems. What these flowers lack in size, they make up for in color. The leaves themselves are a deep shade of forest green and hold an abundance of bright orange pistils. Sometimes, the leaves also boast hints of purple, which come about when pigments called anthocyanins in the strain’s genetics are activated by cold weather during the growing process. Finally, a thick, even coat of icy white trichomes covers these buds and accounts for their psychoactivity. Unlike Girl Scout Cookies, Do-Si-Dos smells nothing like its namesake — the flowers explode with an overly sweet, almost fermented odor. Also present are some dank, earthy notes. Meanwhile, grinding up these tight buds gives off some skunkiness, providing evidence of the OG Kush in this bud’s lineage. These strong-smelling flowers can give off a harsh, acrid smoke when combusted. This smoke is said to taste simultaneously fruity and skunky on the exhale. Discreet consumers should keep in mind that Do-Si-Dos’ pungency can carry for quite a distance.

Do-Si-Dos hits the consumer quickly with both barrels of psychoactivity — at almost the same time as they detect a tingle in the upper face, smokers may notice an uptick in cerebral functioning. Thoughts may flow in free association and can aid concentration on task-based, analytical kinds of work. This bud may also open up creative avenues and set the stage for brainstorming. A calming body high keeps this cerebral mindset from becoming too buzzy. Rather than agitation, smokers typically begin to feel progressive relaxation that spread down through the core and limbs. This sensation can be a great way to kick back and enjoy some introspective solo time with a drink or some atmospheric music. Alternatively, Do-Si-Dos’ vibe can be uniquely social, sparking conversation and some laughs when shared with like-minded friends. The strain’s combination of mental and physical stimulation makes it a good way to enhance activities that involve full-body coordination, like exercising, dancing, and in the right set and setting, sex. As the high progresses or as dosage is increased, couchlock becomes more of a possibility. Because it tends to taper down into an immobilized state of calm, Do-Si-Dos is best enjoyed during the late afternoon or early evening.

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4 reviews for Do Si Do AAA

  1. Shay

    Great weed for the price cant complain it was a nice smooth smoke medium.to heavy high depending on how much ur smoking …def worth trying

  2. Cairon Shah

    The aroma when you grind the flower is a wave of such a unique scent that it will have you intrigued. I waited a long time to try this strain and it was worth the wait hands down!

  3. Willis Atkinson

    AwesomeSmoke! Super happy with this strain as i’ve never heard it until now. Plus it is not expensive at all on this site.

  4. Nadine Haney

    Wow, I just smoked a bowl of this and went from being insanely sad and In a dark place to very smiley and giggly. Just might be a new favorite strain!

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