Dank Schrader AAAA
Dank Schrader AAAA
Dank Schrader AAAA
Dank Schrader AAAA
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Dank Schrader AAAA


ayahuaska purple


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While she goes as low as 19%, Dank Schrader tops out at 27% and typically falls in the 23% range. Nugs are light and furry with a spattering of orange hairs and only a little bit of clear trichome coverage. Resin is plentiful, proving why she ends up being so potent. Definitely a more savory smoke, this strain smells of pine and herbs and gives you a slight taste of tea on the exhale. Hints of sourness are also present, as the smell will easily make its way to every corner of the building you’re in.

One of the more unusual strains when it comes to effects, this indica-dominant strain will allow users to feel very mentally clear and euphoric without imparting any sense of physical energy. You’ll waiver between being an expert on any topic under the sun and being so spacey and out of it that you may not even talk much. Throughout it all, however, you’ll be deeply relaxed and probably pretty hungry. Grab a snack, chill out on the couch, and try not to fall asleep in a pile of crumbs.

Individuals who have experienced nagging pain or the struggle of mental issues know firsthand that the sooner relief can come the closer you can get to living a normal life. Although you have to wait until the evening before you partake in Dank Schrader’s benefits, it’s well worth it as ailments simply fly out the window. Stress, anxiety, and depression dissolve and physical pain is numbed quickly. Those with lighter tolerances will likely be able to battle insomnia and come out on the winning side of things.

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4 reviews for Dank Schrader AAAA

  1. Hayward Gordon

    Long standing Top 5 winner in my book for years running. Its benefits are quite exceptional. Its a steady knocker that gets your creative side going, especially if you enjoy art, music and active projects, but its also great to smoke while enjoying nice seat indoors on a sunny day.

  2. Randal Howard

    Best one ever! Awesome bud! Relaxing sensation starts in the head then makes its way to your lower body, then to your arms and legs and makes you not want to move. Love the shit here!!

  3. Yadder Coms

    Frosty buds that look and smell so wonderful! Early on it’s a nice even high, then after a few bowls it definitely locks you to the couch. Speedy service, orders shipped out same day, NICE!

  4. Nimrah Drummond

    How they describe the bud is exactly what you get if you are getting. This is the real deal which is becoming more and more eaiser these days thanks to legalization of cannabis. I give dank Schrader 5 stars

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