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Cookie Monster (AAA)

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Cookie Monster’s flowers have a predominantly earthy aroma when properly cured, marked by notes of hashy sandalwood along with a faint, cheesy tang. Closer inspection reveals a biscuity odor that may be familiar to fans of parent strain Girl Scout Cookies. Meanwhile, grinding up or breaking the cured nugs yields some herbal scents, with hints of mint and pine. When combusted, Cookie Monster may burn with a harsh and acrid smoke that can tickle the back of the palate and cause eyes to water. This thick smoke tastes floral and slightly dank on the exhale. Cookie Monster can be a particularly pungent smoke, and those looking to keep their consumption discreet should take precautions before toking in public.

Cookie Monster offers what can be described as a creeper of a high. Initial effects may begin to emerge after about fifteen minutes, at which point users detect a pressure around the eyes and temples. This sensation is accompanied by some subtle mental stimulation — although the effects are more calming than energetic. Smokers may experience some sensory distortion as well as a strong sense of time dilation. This trippy, euphoric mindset can be a great way to explore creative visualization; it may also enhance low-energy activities like grocery shopping or doing the dishes. Otherwise, this high is mostly characterized by a weighty physical relaxation: users may detect a dissipation of lingering muscular tension, along with an increased capacity for deep breathing. As time passes or as dosage is increased, users may experience an intractable feeling of couch-lock (albeit while still maintaining a clear mind). More appropriate for nighttime than daytime use, Cookie Monster can also work against stubborn instances of insomnia.

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Additional information

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Reviews (3)

3 reviews for Cookie Monster (AAA)

  1. Johnathan

    This is currently my favorite strain when I just want to stay in all day and relax. Honestly it’s been a life saver during the quarentine.

  2. StelarDag

    … of my most liked bags..

  3. Kettle Prody

    My eyes go crossed eyed like the cookie monster after a fat bowl of this one. Great stuff, just like everything else i bought here.

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