Budget Buds - Chocolate Marshmallow
Budget Buds - Chocolate Marshmallow
Budget Buds - Chocolate Marshmallow
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Budget Buds – Chocolate Marshmallow AAA


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Chocolate Marshmallow is a 50/50 hybrid of Gorilla Glue #4 and Mint Chocolate Chip. Expect the high to be clean without any fogginess which can be the case with other hybrids. Expect to have a dry mouth so keep a drink or some snacks around.

Chocolate Marshmallow has a massive THC content that comes in at almost 30 percent. To say the least, even veteran smokers might have their socks knocked off by this. Strains that have GG#4 as a parent are almost always going to be THC monsters.

Chocolate Marshmallow is a feel-good strain as you exhale you will feel your worries melt away. There is a cerebral buzz as well but your mind will be relatively clear. A consumer could smoke this before completing chores or just curl up on the couch due to the strain’s versatility.

The CBD percentage is close to zero so it might not be the best choice for people needing relief from medical marijuana. You might want to take a CBD edible as putting any flower on a bowl of this delicious strain should be considered a crime. THC and CBD work together to bring relief to whoever is consuming these compounds.

The aroma and flavor will be similar to that of cocoa although there could be an overwhelming skunky smell. The smell and taste might be too much for a seasoned cannabis consumer to put down. Due to the THC content, it is essential to consume carefully or you might be able to hear your hair growing from being so high.

Limonene, Camphene, and Caryophyllene make up this terpene profile. Limonene has a citrus taste and has been shown to help with stress and anxiety. Camphene smells like pine needles and is great for treating pain. Caryophyllene helps fight inflammation which leads to a reduction in pain as well.

Those that enjoy this strain might love other Gorilla Glue #4 or Mint Chocolate Chip hybrids. Asking an employee at a local dispensary about similar strains can provide information for your next purchase. You should always research on your own as not all dispensary employees are cannabis experts.

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28 Grams, 8 Ounces

2 reviews for Budget Buds – Chocolate Marshmallow AAA

  1. Danyal Bryant

    This guy is an awesome strain, one of my favourites! The flower looks amazing! The effects were euphoria, cerebral & body high, some energy then total relaxation. Perfect for insomnia!

  2. Halima

    Just a great relaxing high that doesn’t keep you glued to the couch…unless you want to be. Still feel mentally sharp after smoking. Great for insomnia. Got great customer service too.

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