Budget Buds - California Orange
Budget Buds - California Orange
Budget Buds - California Orange
Budget Buds - California Orange
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Budget Buds – California Orange


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Batch: September-15-2021

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California Orange has a tight, leafy bud structure. Leaves are pale green and so covered with trichomes as to appear matte in texture – when broken open, the buds are even sticky inside. The smell is initially pungent and skunky, with a strong citrus base – this strain has a very high concentration of the terpene linalool, an odor compound found in other fragrant strains like Violet Delight and Lavender. Burned, the flowers have a spicy, clove-like scent. The smoke is smooth and has a sweet aftertaste.

This strain presents a primarily clearheaded, mellow high. Feelings of calm settle in quickly, accompanied by an elevation of the senses. Cerebral without being too intense, California Orange aids creativity and focus, making it beneficial for anxiety and attention deficit disorders. The mental uplift exists alongside some mild physical relaxation; the indica body high is evident in larger doses of the strain.

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28 Grams, 4 Ounces, 8 Ounces

7 reviews for Budget Buds – California Orange

  1. TomFlry337

    I have no complaints with the Orange, the buds were nice and the smell was definitely fruity. It was a great high and tastes of fresh oranges. I would buy again.

  2. Unlimited

    Amazing bright citrus flavor and bright buzz that is perfect to start the day.
    Orange crush is one of my favs
    Will definitely buy again.

  3. Hugedudu

    Great earthy aroma and taste, a bit too sativa-y for my personal taste

  4. Aariz Monroe

    Probably the most balanced highs I can remember ever having, I was relaxed in way that made me content, but not lazy. I have been hunting for a strain loke this. It helped keep me mentally focused.

  5. Demi-Lee Davenport

    One of my favorites smokes nice fruity citrus flavors always leaves me wanting more. A really nice calming high, good for anxiety and to relax I will always order more of this bad boy

  6. Maliha Glenn

    Really nice small. Good sized buds, burns clean & good potency

  7. Rylan Brown

    Like the title says, it smells like candy and tastes similar. It’s a good high, doesn’t last the longest but I’d recommend

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