Budget Buds - Animal Cookies
Budget Buds - Animal Cookies
Budget Buds - Animal Cookies
Budget Buds - Animal Cookies
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Budget Buds – Animal Cookies


purple kush shatter Batch: October-15-2021

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Those who love the more classic sedating effects will no doubt enjoy this strain, as Animal Cookies imparts a deep sense of relaxation from the start. That’s not to say her cerebral tendencies aren’t top-notch though, because this bud will send you to a place of euphoria in no time at all. Some find that they feel an increased sense of creativity early on but rarely have the motivation to do anything about it. Ultimately, you’ll fade away into a blissful and sleepy state and might end up waking up the next morning on the couch wondering how you got there.

Because of her potent effects and unique flavors, Animal Cookies finds herself at the top of everyone’s medical cannabis list. This bud takes on mental concerns like it’s nobody’s business, often soothing anxiety and depression with just a toke or two. Physical pain also makes its way to the background, as this strain is ideal for addressing migraines, symptoms of arthritis, and more. Great for soothing an upset stomach, smoke just a bit before dinner time to help minimize feelings of nausea.

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6 reviews for Budget Buds – Animal Cookies

  1. Peter

    This Strain Is Pure Gas ! Veteran Smokers Or Not Prepare yourself for That 🔥🔥🔥🔥 This shit Is not Called Animal Cookies for nothing !

  2. flagger95

    Great body high and smooooth inhale, but GASEY exhale ! This strain will put you on the couch. Like I am right now 😂

  3. Hattie Russell

    I really like this bud! I also tried this as a concentrate too, really nice either way. Medium body high, almost more psychedelic than anything.

  4. Michael_CA16

    Very nice high. It has a nice thick smoke and it kicks in fast and hard. This may land on my top three. Zero anxiety and lots euphoria. Can’t give a fuck while on animal cookies.

  5. Lylah Hilton

    Smooth, gorgeous and an incredible price. Easily one of my go tos!

  6. Olaf Osborn

    Well rounded, classic indica effects. Hits decently hard, good for relaxing and pain.

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