Bud Edibles – Strawberry Cream

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Reviews (4)

4 reviews for Bud Edibles – Strawberry Cream

  1. Brad Thomas

    I love these cookies. Reminds me of my childhood. I bought a bunch to give to my friends at a party and everyone’s talking about how they grew up eating these cookies. Can’t get enough of the strawberry jelly center. And the cream filling is so yummy. I’m very happy I found these. I haven’t seen any other site with these cookies. We got so high. Just a warning, they taste really good but they’re pretty strong. U might wanna start with just 1 cookie and wait a couple hours.

  2. Henry Port

    Great tasting cookies. It’s got strong kick. Got me stoned and gave me the munchies.

  3. Theo A

    Pretty strong and lasted for hours, thanks guys

  4. Ashen K

    Delicious and strong! The high lasted for a couple of hours i’m super happy with these edibles. cheers

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