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Bud Edibles – Gummy 11 Pack


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6 reviews for Bud Edibles – Gummy 11 Pack

  1. Wendy Ross

    All the flavors are good! I loving the bundle option, gummies are my go

  2. Tony + Millz

    Me and my roomate share this, its a better deal getting this price for 6. Very satisfied with quality and fast shipping. I haven’t had to go to stores to get my bud and edibles since last November now, plus the gov’t stuff is dry af!

  3. Kathy Yerxa

    Very good stuff

  4. Olivier4


  5. Maxime

    Love this stuff. No complaints

  6. Ty Mccarthy

    Great, great deal! I seriously love these gummies. I cant stop eating them until i realize its too late LOL

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