Big Buddha Cheese (AA+)

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Big Buddha Cheese has a very beautiful visual profile, often seducing stoners with its appearance alone. This bud is known for its brilliant forest green hues with burnt-orange and almost-pink hairs. If you’ve got a sensitive nose, this one’s probably not for you. As the name cheese implies, this bud is a bit of a stinker. In fact, Big Buddha Cheese has gained quite the reputation involving its aroma, which is a pungent, skunky, cheese aroma mixed with fresh berries and tropical fruit. Likewise, the flavor you’ll taste when smoking on this strain is quite unique: like a wine and cheese party in your mouth.

Due to its popularity in the UK and Netherlands, this strain has been reported to help just about every ailment under the sun. Likewise, its potency in American dispensaries has made it quite the elusive find. This creates the perfect storm wherein a strain like Big Buddha Cheese gains quite the legend for being a powerful plant with all-healing properties. What we know for sure is that the THC levels for this plant average around 15%. This medium amount of THC, coupled with its potent effects have helped it earn its popularity and notoriety amongst the stoner community.

This plant has a number of uses both medical and recreational. Depending on the user, this strain can be used throughout the day for a variety of effects. Individuals who suffer from chronic stress, depression, and chronic pain will find this balanced hybrid’s ability to soothe physical aches while freeing the mind incredibly beneficial. In fact, this strain makes your brain feel heavy while making your body feel like its levitating. While mildly controlling pain, this strain is more likely to make you incredibly relaxed without making you feel sedated. Thankfully, the Sativa side of this plant will uplift your mood and give you quite the heady high. As your mood is drastically improved to blissful happiness, you should expect to get pretty hungry, as a pantry raid is impending.


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2 reviews for Big Buddha Cheese (AA+)

  1. Joana Jarvis

    One of the most balanced highs I can remember having. I was perfectly relaxed in way that made me content, but not lazy and I have been hunting for this strain ever since I tried my friend’s. I remained social and mentally focused. Real good price too!

  2. Gregory Goodman

    What can I say about this? Its by far the best strain I’ve truly enjoyed to the max. You guys created a masterpiece. Everything about it is pure magic, a true blessing to cannibis strains

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