Budget Buds - Afghan Kush
Budget Buds - Afghan Kush
Budget Buds - Afghan Kush
Budget Buds - Afghan Kush
(7 customer reviews)

Budget Buds – Afghan Kush AAA


purple kush shatter

Batch: September-10-2021

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Afghan Kush, an almost 100% Indica strain is naturally grown in the Hindu Kush mountain range. The strain has a very earthy, almost “hash-like” scent with a hint of Pinesol-like aroma. When smoked, it has a sweet hash taste similar to its smell. Buds of this strain are very condensed and covered in a fair amount of trichomes (the THC making glands or crystals). The plant has the familiar broad leaves of other Indicas.

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28 Grams, 8 Ounces

7 reviews for Budget Buds – Afghan Kush AAA

  1. David

    Never a fail. Great Bud from some great guys

  2. Etienne

    I have ordered multiple times. Takes two business days. Quality product. Excellent service.

  3. Boyd Ramirez

    My first non CBD strain and honestly the highest THC% strain I’ve ever had. It did what I needed it to do and put me to sleep and also helped with my headaches. Good customer service and always on the lone when needed.

  4. Aariz Mcphee

    Afghan what a unique taste and smell. I really enjoyed it despite it being the weakest of my mix and match.

  5. Faizah Duggan

    Fantastic flavour, great high. Will definitely order again.

  6. Aya Lam

    This strain is great if you’re suffering from injuries/ surgeries

  7. Evalyn Vaughan

    Great deal right now. These are absolutley amazing especially being budget. I wanted to make this last me two weeks and it looks like it’s gonna last a few days longer. That’s getting high every evening. Speedy service, order shipped out same day

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