Afghan hash is relatively mild in nature

Afghan Premium Hash

(6 customer reviews)
  • 1 Gram $22.99
  • 3.5 Grams $73.99
  • 7 Grams $144.99
  • 14 Grams $209.99
  • 28 Grams $399.99

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Additional information


1 Gram $22.99, 3.5 Grams $73.99, 7 Grams $144.99, 14 Grams $209.99, 28 Grams $399.99

Reviews (6)

6 reviews for Afghan Premium Hash

  1. Ryan

    Mild flavor but perfect for me, I’ll be trying the Mercedes in a little bit

  2. Phillip Teneuvre

    Classic choice, great for my blends and has many uses. Great hash!

  3. R,J,

    Got great taste, fast shipping

  4. Amir Kosheli

    We have tried others and buymybud is pretty consistent! This hash is nicely packed down, we keep it in a cool spot , air tight glass container and break off a little at a time. Lasts pretty long.

  5. Maxime

    Great Bud from some great guys

  6. Woody

    Hash isn’t usually my concentrate of choice, but after smoking some of this stuff specifically? My mind has changed. Although I’m sort of convinced that I was also smoking some low-grade stuff before….
    A smooth smoke. No coughing. Tasty. Nice, mellow high. All I could want.

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