91 Chem Dawg (AA+)

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The history of ’91 Chemdawg, which is otherwise known as ‘Chem dawg’ or ‘Chemdawg 91’ would go back to the day when Joe Brand and Pbud sold Chemdog (breeder) an ounce of top quality weed. It was during 1991, Chemdog made its decision to crack the first four seeds. Of these, one male plant was seen and three other female weeds were there. These female weeds were tagged as ‘Chemdog (which is now called as ”91 Chemdawg’), ‘Chemdog a’ and ‘Chemdog b’. The actual genetics of this strain are still unknown. However, there are two speculations for this. One is believed to be either Kush, Hashplant or Northern Lights has been hybridized with Thai Landrace strain. Another speculation is that the parents of this strain could be Nepali and Thai strains. This is a sativa dominant strain with THC percentage of around 27% and the CBD percentage of around 0.2%. This strain will give the users the blend of earthy, spicy and sweet flavors. Likewise, the smell that is being produced from this strain is earthy and musky. This medical strain is found to be an effective treatment for a range of medical conditions including muscle and joint pains, mood disorders, anxiety, nausea and movement disorders.

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28 Grams, 4 Ounces, 8 Ounces

Reviews (2)

2 reviews for 91 Chem Dawg (AA+)

  1. Mahdi Shepard

    Chem dawg is a household favourite when doing chores or mental work easing body aches and freeing the mind. This version is probably the best Ive ever seen. If you smoke too much and you’ll be couch lock. Perfect for a rainy day pick up.

  2. Candice Wong

    Nice one! I really like this bud. Slightly stimulating, I would recommend for early to late afternoon use. Speedy service, order shipped out same day

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