What we mean is every package that we are liable for, will be 100% covered. When we send you a package, and the Canada Post tracking says it is still in transit for over a week, we assume the package has been lost, stolen, or mishandled by Canada Post.

In this event, we will send you a brand new package.

However, we are NOT liable in these circumstances;

  • If your package says it has arrived to its final destination via Canada Post’s online tracking system.
  • Packages being sent to the Quebec or any of the Territories. Because of different laws and jurisdiction, we are not liable for confiscated packages.

Unfortunately, we will not be re-sending packages under any of these situations. Sorry!

Every single one of our orders are packed away;

  • Vacuum sealed to ensure it is completely odorless
  • Tightly sealed in a shipping envelope
  • Labeled with a packing slip to your address. No cannabis related text on anything.

We do this to ensure your package arrives to you safe and sound! (and no problems with the crazy lady next door!)